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Air Valve

Air valve

The air valve is a special valve used to prevent negative pressure in the pipe caused by the transient pressure reduction wave. It is usually installed at a high point where the hydrodynamic pressure of the pipeline is low during normal operation, and the liquid column separation may occur during the transient flow process. Air is sucked in when the pressure in the pipe is lower than atmospheric pressure, and air is discharged when the pressure in the pipe rises above atmospheric pressure. During the exhaust process, the valve can automatically close when the pipe is filled with liquid, and the liquid is not allowed to leak into the atmosphere.

There are two types of air valves: single port air valve and double port air valve.

Single Orifice Air Valve

Single Orifice Air Valve is used in independent heating systems, central heating systems, heating boilers, central air conditioning, floor heating and solar heating systems and other pipeline exhaust. Because there is usually a certain amount of air dissolved in water, and the solubility of air varies with temperature Increase and decrease, so that the gas gradually separates from the water in the process of water circulation, and gradually gathers together to form large bubbles or even air columns.Because of the supplement of water, gas is often generated.

Working principle of Single Orifice Air Valve:

In the exhaust state, the pontoon pulls down one end of the lever due to gravity. At this time, the lever is in a tilted state. There is a gap in the contact part of the lever and the exhaust hole, and the air is discharged from the exhaust hole through this gap. The water level rises, the float floats upward under the buoyancy of the water, and the sealed end face on the lever gradually presses on the exhaust hole until the entire exhaust hole is completely blocked. The exhaust valve is now completely closed.

Advantages of Single Orifice Air Valve:

1. The pontoon of the exhaust valve is made of low-density PP material. This material will not deform even if it is immersed in high temperature water for a long time. It will not cause difficulty in the movement of the pontoon.   

2. The buoy lever is made of hard plastic, and the connection between the lever and the buoy and the support adopts a movable connection, so it will not rust during long-term operation, causing the system to fail to work and cause water leakage.   

3.The sealing end surface of the lever is supported by springs, which can expand and contract with the movement of the lever to ensure the sealing performance without exhaust.

Double Orifice Air Valve purpose

  This valve is suitable for pipelines with water as the medium. It is used as a device for removing gas in the pipeline to improve the efficiency of the water delivery equipment and protect the pipeline from deformation and rupture. It is a necessary equipment for the pipeline.