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Water Meter

water meter manufacturers

Water meters are instruments for measuring water flow. Most of them are cumulative flow measurement of water. They are generally divided into volumetric water meters and velocity water meters. They originated in the United Kingdom. The development of water meters has a history of nearly two hundred years. When choosing water meter specifications , You should first estimate the size and flow range of the flow rate used under normal circumstances, and then choose the water meter with the most common flow rate closest to this value as the first choice.

How to choose water meter manufacturers?

We have to choose a reliable water meter manufacturer to meet our requirements.

  • If there is such a water meter manufacturer

  • It can provide you with accurate water consumption

  • Its water meter is very tight

  • It has many styles of water meters, such as Volumetric water meter, Multijet dry type water meter, High class Woltman Turbine Water Meter

  • You need a water meter manufacturers that can meet your various needs

It happens that Anhui Prosper Flow Technology Co., Ltd. can meet all your water meter needs.