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  • Expansion Joint

Expansion Joint

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Expansion rubber joint is known as shock absorber, pipe shock absorber, shock proof box and soft joint. It is a pipe joint of high-flexibility, high-gas tightness, resistance to medium and climate. Prosper Flow rubber expansion joints has five types: single sphere rubber expansion joints, double sphere rubber expansion joints, threaded rubber expansion joints, reduced rubber expansion joints and rubber bending joint. There are two kinds of connections: flange and threaded. The rubber expansion joints is widely used in water supply and drainage, recycled water, air conditioning and heating, fire control, shipping, water pump, and compressor, etc.


· Reduce pipeline system vibration and noise

· Good sealing, light weight, easy installation, long service life

· Solve the problem of axial movement, transverse movement, angular movement

· Acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosive resistance, oil resistance, heat resistance

· If use on overhead, can match with elastic support to tighten up

· If pipeline pressure is high, use bolt connect the flange both ends


· PN10 / PN16 / 150LB / JIS10K

· Size: 1-1/4″~120″ (DN32~DN3000mm)

· Materials: NBR, EPDM

· Working temperature: 0℃~+80℃


· Design & manufacturing: ANSI, JIS, DIN, BS

· Face to face: manufacturer’s

· Flanged ends: ANSI, JIS, DIN, BS, EN1092

· Inspection & testing: manufacturer’s


· Water supply and drainage

· Recycled water system

· Air conditioning and heating

· Fire fighting

· Shipping

· Pump station

· Compressor system

· Steel works