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Flange Adaptor

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Flange adaptor is designed to transfer the pressure thrust of connected pipes and compensate pipe error, reduce the damage of axial thrust against pipe and pipe. Flange adaptor is normally used together with pump, valve and other pipe lines in the fields of water supply and drainage, water treatment and water projects.  Prosper Flow is special in supplying the universal flange adaptor with sizes of DN40mm to DN600mm.


· ±25mm longitudinal adjustment simplifies future pipework modifications, reducing down time

· Can be locked at required length with tie rods supplied

· FBE anticorrosive coated make long service life

· The integral tie-bar assembly avoid the need for other external restraints

· Special configurations and high pressure alternatives are available on request

· The universal flange adaptor is particularly suitable for simplifying the installation and removal of valves, flanged pipe and fitting.


· PN10/PN16/150LB

· Size: 1-1/2”~24” (DN40~DN600mm)

· Materials: ductile iron GGG50, steel


· Design & manufacturing: ISO, BS/EN, AWWA /ANSI

· Face to face: manufacturer’s

· Flanged ends: AS/BS table D/E, ANSI B16.1/16.5, EN1092

· Inspection & testing: API598


· Typical applicable industry:

· Sewage treatment works

· Water treatment works

· Power generation equipment

· Gas distribution station

· Industrial cooling systems

· Pumping station