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  • Socket End Resilient Seated Gate Valve for DI Pipe

Socket End Resilient Seated Gate Valve for DI Pipe

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Socket end resilient seated gate valve is one type of gate valve with flexible wedge as its on-off disc, which moving direction is perpendicular with flow. Gate valve can be only full open or full close. They are widely used in series of industries, especially in water supply projects, public works, water treatment plant, fire fighting, etc. Prosper Flow can manufacture resilient seated gate valve according to the standard of ISO 2531 with sizes of 3″~12″ (DN80~300mm).


· Full bore design

· Self cleaning & low pressure loss

· Rolled stem ensure smooth thread edges and double thread

· Low operating torque

· Good and clear body marking (Castings are from the same foundry with AVK Valve  and Spain TALIS)

· Online replaceable under full pressure with valve fully opened; Three o-rings protects upper stem from impurities entering from the water way

· Every valve be 100% tested and qualified before packing and delivery


· Design & manufacturing: EN1171

· Face to face: ISO 2531

· Socket ends for ductile iron pipe

· Inspection & testing: EN12266-1


· Working pressure: PN10/16 Bar

· Size: 3″~12″ (DN80~300mm)

· Materials: cast iron, ductile iron

· Epoxy resin thickness: ≥250micron

· Applicable temperature: 0℃~+80℃

· Available with handwheel/square cap/gearbox/ electric actuator


· Water supply system

· Waste water, sludge, sewage treatment industry

· Irrigation system

· Real estate industry

· Mining, steel industry

· Metallurgy plant, power plant

· Textile, pharmaceutical industry

Food, pharmaceutical industry