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  • Wafer Type Dual Disc Check Valve

Wafer Type Dual Disc Check Valve

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Wafer type dual plate check valve is one type of non-return valve with two torsion springs added to each of pair valve plates, which close the plates quickly and automatically, preventing the mediums from flowing back. Wafer dual plate check valve can be mounted between the two pipes in both horizontal and vertical directions. Wafer type dual plate check valve has features of compact structure, light weight and bidirectional. Prosper Flow can manufacture the wafer type dual plate check valve in accordance with API594 with material of cast iron, ductile iron.


· Small in size, light weight, compact structure, easy maintenance

· Quick action prevents of medium back flow

· Short face to face and good rigidity

· Easy installation, can be mounted horizontally and vertically

· Tightly sealed, without leakage

· Safe and reliable operation, high interference-resistance


· Design & manufacturing: API594

· Face to face: ANSI B16.10, EN 558-1 series 16

· Matching flanges: ANSI B16.1/5, EN 1092, JIS10K, AS 2129

· Inspection & testing: API598


· PN10 / PN16 / 125LB / 150LB / JIS10K / 150PSI / 200PSI

· Size: 2″~24″ (50~600mm)

· Materials: A126 B (GG25), A536 65-45-12 (GGG40),

· Epoxy coating with thickness ≥ 250μm

· Working temperature: 0℃~+150℃


· Water supply, sewage treatment industry

· Fire fighting industry

· Real estate industry

· Mining, steel industry

· Metallurgy plant, power plant

· Oil, chemical industry

· Textile, pharmaceutical industry