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  • DI Foot Check Valve

DI Foot Check Valve

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Pump foot valve is also one type of check valve, which is vertically installed at the bottom of the pump pipe to prevent the water back flow and keep water level. Prosper Flow can design and manufacture the foot valve according to standard of BS5153 with sizes of 2”~12” (DN50~DN300mm).

What is the function of a foot valve?

A Well Piping Foot Valve is a one way or anti-siphon valve which is installed on the pick-up end of the water pipe near the bottom of the well. The foot valve prevents water from flowing backwards out of the jet pump and well piping back into the well when the jet pump stops operating.


· Vertical structure design

· Stainless steel screen

· Rubber coated disc


· Design & manufacturing: BS5153

· Flange ends: EN1092-2, ASME B16.1/B16.42, AS4087

· Inspection & testing: EN12266


· PN10 / PN16 / 125LB / 150LB / JIS10K / 150PSI / 200PSI

· Size: 2″~12″ (50~300mm)

· Materials: Ductile iron (GGG50, GJS500, DIN1693, BS EN1563, ASTM A536 65-45-12)

· Epoxy coating with thickness ≥ 250μm

· Working temperature: 0℃~+80℃


· Water supply, sewage treatment industry

· Fire fighting industry

· Real estate industry

· Mining, steel industry

· Metallurgy plant, power plant

· Oil, chemical industry

· Textile, pharmaceutical industry