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Water Distribution

After a thorough treatment process at a water treatment plant, clean water it is pumped to the consumer via a wide water distribution network. The network is a complex system of pipes, covering different kinds of pipe material, typically including ductile iron, PVC, steel or PE. 

A distribution network usually operates at a relatively low pressure, but sometimes a higher pressure is necessary, i.e. to reach consumers living in highly elevated areas relative to the pumping station, such as an mountainous area. Here, the network can be divided into pressure zones which are separated by means of pressure reducing stations, check valves and gate valves. 

For water distribution, Anhui Prosper offers a wide range of valves and accessories suitable for all kinds of pipe material and operating pressure. It includes gate valves, flanged centric butterfly valves, swing check valves, foot valves, air valves Ect.

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