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Application of Air Valves in Irrigation Systems

Feb. 03, 2021

The use of air valves in irrigation systems can improve the safety and efficiency of irrigation systems and reduce pipe bursts.

Air valves are now the most used in the market and can be divided into two categories.

The common air inlet and exhaust valves: large amounts of air are discharged from the system, or large amounts of air are drawn in.

Combination air valves: both powered fast inlet and exhaust valves and automatic micro-exhaust valves. The two functions are combined into one

A good performing air valve should have the following characteristics: good flow characteristics, high durability, can be used in extreme weather conditions, effectively avoid leakage and injection, and still work properly under low-pressure operation. Generally speaking, when the system piping diameter is less than 3", 1" diameter air valve should be used. When the diameter of the system piping is equal to or greater than 3", an air valve with a diameter of 2" should be used.

 Air Valve

Air is removed from the system to improve energy efficiency

When filling a picture irrigation system with water, the air in the pipes must be removed so that the water can flow smoothly. The incoming water flow compresses the volume of air, opening the intake and exhaust valves and expelling large amounts of air. However, a normal intake and exhaust valve cannot remove 100% of the air. Due to various reasons such as pump suction and pipe cracks, air can also enter the system with the water flow. This air will collect in the high points of the system piping, which will obstruct the flow of water in the piping and reduce the overflow surface, resulting in lower water pressure.

The role of the air valve

In the injection of water to discharge a large amount of air to prevent the flow of water blockage; in the stoppage of water to inhale a large amount of air to prevent the formation of a vacuum in the pipeline put and deflated. Protect the system to prevent system burst and water hammer

When the system first starts to fill the water flow is very fast, the water flow at the end of the pipe suddenly blocked will produce water hammer phenomenon. Water hammer can lead to leakage of pipes, connections and accessories, and even burst pipes. Add water hammer protection function of the air valve in the process of water injection partially closed, so that air compression, the rapid flow of water to produce a buffer effect, reduce the speed of water flow, to achieve the goal of reducing the water hammer phenomenon.

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