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What is a Butterfly Valve?

Oct. 15, 2020

A butterfly valve produced from butterfly valve manufacturers is a kind of valve used for flow adjustment of large-diameter pipelines, and its disc is disc-shaped. The operation is similar to a ball valve. A plate or valve flap is placed in the center of the pipe. A connecting rod passes through the disc, and the connecting rod is connected to a driver outside the valve. Rotate the actuator to make the valve flap parallel or perpendicular to the fluid. Unlike ball valves, the disc always exists in the fluid, so no matter what the position of the valve, there will always be a pressure drop in the fluid.

Butterfly Valve

Butterfly Valve

1. The type of butterfly valve.

The butterfly valve has a short round body, a round disc, a metal-to-metal or soft seat, top and bottom shaft bearings, and a stuffing box. The structure of the butterfly valve body is different. A commonly used design is a sheet type sandwiched between two flanges. The other is a lug-type sheet structure, which connects two flanges together by bolts through the hole in the valve housing. Butterfly valves can even be equipped with flanges, threads, and butt weld ports, but butterfly valve manufacturers are not commonly producing them. We have the DI Wafer Type Butterfly Valve, Lug Type Butterfly Valve, Flanged Concentric Butterfly Valve, and Flanged Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve.

2. Application of a butterfly valve.

The butterfly valve is especially suitable for handling a large flow of liquid or gas at relatively low pressure, as well as for processing mud or liquid containing a large amount of suspended matter.

3. Principle of a butterfly valve.

A butterfly valve is based on the principle of a pipeline damper. The flow control element is a disk whose diameter is approximately the same as the inner diameter of the adjacent pipe and can be rotated on a vertical or horizontal axis. When the valve flap runs parallel to the pipeline, the valve is fully opened. When the disc is close to the vertical position, the valve closes. The intermediate position for throttling purposes can be fixed in place by the handle locking device.

4. Advantages and disadvantages of butterfly valves from butterfly valve manufacturers.

A. the advantages of the butterfly valve

Compared with other valves, the compact design requires considerably less space


Fast operation requires less time to turn on or off

Available in very large sizes

Low-pressure drop and high-pressure recovery

B. Disadvantages of the butterfly valve

Throttle applications are limited to low differential pressure

Cavitation and blocked flow are two potential problems

The movement of the disk is not guided and affected by turbulence

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